Catwoman vs Devilgirl



Welcome back.

This movie has been shot during some fits and location test for another kind of production, so it is not at our usual standard. By the way, after edited it was nice, so we release it for public..

Devilgirl break in in a house, thinking to be alone. Catwoman, hidden, look at her and prepares a trap.

The poor girl so will be hanging for her whirst, with a Catwoman determinated to discover the identity of her boss. A massive upperbody tickling will be dished out.

After, Devilgril will be tied layed on a table, and the upperbody will go on. Then the shoes will be removed, lefting the prisoner helpless barefeet. Also the top is removed, and Devilgirl is now topless. Proceeding with the tickling, for a better action, the big toes are soon tied together and pulled back.

At the end, she is on her knes on a seat, where her sides and soles of her barefeet (with toetied) are primary targets. During this stage Catwoman doesn't realize that the Devilgirl's boss is silently entered, and knock out the torturer, then punishes Catwoman for being so rookie. This part is so m-f/f.

Now the scenery is inverted.

At the beginning Catwoman is hogtied and side tickled by Devilgirl and her boss. So again m-f/f. Then, the team removes the Catwoman shoes and also her barefeet are tickled.

The scene ends with a classic spread eagle where, a stark naked Catwoman is tickled everywhere, once again from both of her torturer.

Because it is short, this movie is only available entire, or in the two halves where each girl is tickled. No single parts are available for download. Besides, this movie is available only in Italian language.

As usual, also this movie is entitles you to join the contest. One of you guy has been already chosen and he shot a movie starring as tickler. You’ll see this movie in the next productions.

Now browse the photoshot, chek out the preview (an overall for the whole movie) and then go on C4S.


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AVI,  DivX 6.8 compression, 720x576 16:9 (Full PAL res.) ITALIAN, no subs




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